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• Quick camgirl guide and tutorials for webcam models • How to be a webcam model, work from home • Camgirl guide • How to be a webcam model on Chaturbate, Cam4, Camsoda, Myfreecams, Bongacams, Stripchat and Onlyfans, ManyVids.

Being a successful webcam model you can earn thousands of dollars every week, you can be your own boss, all of this from the comfort of your own home. Your earnings depends on many factors, your personality, your self discipline and motivation, the time you are willing to put into it. These simple tricks will set you apart from the other thousands of models and will bring you closer from earning over $100,000 a year.

Choose a nickname that is easy to remember like "Caprice" sounds better than "Hotangel4u" Take time to complete and upload photos to your bio/profile. The members will not only visit your chat room, but also they will check your profile for more information about you and your personality. Fill up all the description fields and upload a few high quality photos. Make sure you will link your social media to get some traffic to your chatroom. You can also customize your profile to look better and provide more information about you and what you do. You can create fan clubs, goals, tip menus etc.

Try to always look your best whenever you go online, it's important to have your make up, hair and sexy clothing at it's best to make a good first impression.

• Smile, even you have a bad day
• Earn money by speaking instead of typing, making use of a microphone and speaking English in the chat room will significantly increase your income.
• Have a variety of outfits and sex toys, normal and interactive toys like Lovense, be willing to change into a new outfit if a customer requires it. Don't lose money because you don't have a dildo or you are too lazy to change your outfit.
• Acknowledge your regular customers, try to remember their names and some personal info making them feel at home. Don't be rude and always remember your goal.
• Members are looking for fun, but also they try to get away from day to day problems, they look for a friend or even for romance. Adapt to their needs.
• Chat with the guests or basic members too, of course premium members are a priority, but many guests are just visitors for the first time and many end up spending money on the website.
• Be friendly and polite, avoid excesive banning for every minor thing. Ignoring or muting works better.
• Be yourself, members want to get to know you looks are not important if you have and show a nice personality.
• Be creative, most of the models broadcast from their bedrooms, you can take the webcam to your bathroom or even your kitchen, variety can be a great advantage and increase your earnings. If you need a break, never leave your chat room empty on live broadcast, turn off the webcam.
• Tease in free chat, give the members a reason to stay in your chatroom.
• Never say you will do something in private chat if you know you are not willing to do it. Members don't like this, they will feel tricked and will never comeback to you. Most likely they will ask for a refund too and you end up with a chargeback on Myfreecams or Chaturbate.
• We all know about the beggars in free chat, what about the models that beg, show you know more words than "I need pvt mmm".
• Have a constant online presence, if possible make a schedule and stick to it, let your customers know a date and time when you will return and you will be surprised how many customers re visit your chatroom.
• For maximum earnings try to work between 5pm and 2am Pacific time (PST)

Have Fun...making money!

•registration process. Create your Chaturbate account today

We are looking for girls, guys, couples and transsexuals over 18 years of age. Performers in all categories, any race, shape or size, if you are serious and motivated to make great money.SIGN UP

NO, it's 100% FREE, it is you that it will get paid thousands of dollars each month, working from home.

A copy of a valid passport, ID card or driving license is required for age confirmation and a selfie holding the ID.. 

This information is collected to comply with existing legislation relating to anyone working in the adult entertainment industry. You must be 18 or older to become a webcam model on Chaturbate, Cam4, Camsoda, Myfreecams, Bongacams or Stripchat and other adult websites like OnlyFans and ManyVids.

•being a webcam model. Start earning big bucks online

As soon you sign up, however in order to get paid for the tokens you earn, you will need to submit the relevant paperwork.

A desktop computer or laptop, a webcam or camera, a microphone and a high speed internet connection with good upload speed, lighting and sex toys ( optional).

Yes of course, you don't need any experience to make money on Chaturbate. You will learn very fast how to earn lots of money.

You are the boss, you set your own schedule, you are not required you to work a minimum amount of hours. Work when you want to work, as much or as little as you want, you have control over your own schedule. The more hours you work the more tokens you can earn.

Absolutely, you can block Countries and US states . Your anonymity is up to you. Also you can ban any member you want from you chatroom.

•earnings and payouts. You get paid every bi-weekly, at the end of the period. Daily payouts available on request.

As a new webcam model, if you work full time you can earn up to $1000 per day however over time your income will increase, top webcam models earn around $50,000 per month. Most models earn a comfortable living from being a webcam model.

$4.50 per minute in private chat
$1.50 per minute in group chat. You can customize your prices to better suit you.
You can also increase your earnings from spy shows. The most tokens comes from tips in free chat, make sure your chatroom is entertaining and a fun place to be in and you have a tip menu.Selling photos and videos, fanclubs memberships, goals can also earn you lots of tokens. Use apps and bots that suit your needs. You can check the most popular Chaturbate apps and bots before you start streaming. 

Every two weeks. Daily payments are available on request.

Cosmopayment, Paxum, ePayService, Skrill, Wire, Bank Transfer, Cheque, Crypto (Bitcoin), new payment methods available.

•webcam model equipment. Get started with a laptop & webcam


You can start making money right away as a webcam model with the basic equipment that today most of us have in our homes. However we provide you with some guidelines about the minimum requirements for your computer, your internet connection and camera. If you require additional information about setting up your equipment, contact us today and we will be happy to help you.

You need a good desktop computer or laptop. with operating system Windows 7,10 or 11 or MAC OS. Older systems are too slow and unstable when broadcasting online, limiting your earning potential. While a desktop computer is fairly common to work on, being on a laptop will give you some mobility, you can make it more interesting by broadcasting from different locations in your home, who wouldn't like to watch a shower show.

A USB webcam will do a good job, especially if you just started as a webcam model. If you find that you don't have a decent webcam, we recommend the Logitech Brio 4K series or Logitech webcams in general, which can broadcast in true HD. If you want to go for the professional setup, you can buy a 4K digital video camera that connects through a capture card. There are many models, for all the budgets. For the best experience, use a PTZ(pan/tilt/zoom) camera, like the Sony Evi series or Logitech PTZ, which are no doubt, the preffered working camera for the professional studios.

A high speed internet connection it's a must when broadcasting full HD video. The faster your internet upload speed, the better the quality image of your camera. A cable or DSL connection with a minimum of 100Mbs upload speed is needed. Always check with your provider about the upload speed and run a test at or on the webcam site test page. Using wireless is not recommended, you will get a faster and more reliable connection through ethernet cable. When broadcasting on multiple webcam sites, allow a minimum of 100Mbs for each website.

Use the audio to your advantage. As most viewers would love to hear a sexy voice, this will increase the time they will spend in your chatroom and will bring you more tips and private shows, cashing you a lot of dollars at the end of the day. You can use the webcam's incorporated microphone or purchase an external one for as low as $50 It will be an investment well worth it.

Good lighting and a bright decor are extremely important for a crystal clear image. You can chose studio lights, led ringlights/ A combination or warm and cold light is the most recommended, even so, you can combine desk and floor lamps to create a bright working area. To look good on webcam is very important to position the lights properly, the best balance is to have 70% front light and 30% backlight which will add contour and dimension. Avoid having all the light coming from above you, this will create unwanted shadows on your face, you will look dark and unsexy. Get creative!

You will need additional software installed on your computer, like, Lovense browser extension, OBS, Splitcam, xSplit software if you want to multistream. Add some sexy outfits, a range of pleasure toys like Lovense, butt plugs and realistic dildos and a smile. A scanner and printer are not needed for registration.

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